Your small business can make a big impact, today

Your business isn’t too small to make a positive impact.

You don’t have to wait until your business has hit a specific revenue goal before making a difference.

You can start now.

Even if your company’s core service or product isn’t tackling a social or environmental problem directly, the way you run your business matters. It’s here where you have the opportunity to make a big impact to your customers, employees, suppliers, community and the planet.

Every business – from the local accounting firm to your kid’s favourite toy store – can make an impact with how they operate:

  • pay your employees well and treat them fairly
  • choose suppliers that follow ethical labour and environmental guidelines – and make sure you treat them fairly too
  • work towards reducing your company’s carbon footprint
  • be honest and transparent in your marketing
  • do your best for your customers, always

And on top of that, you can:

  • donate money, products or services to charitable causes
  • give employees – and yourself – paid time off to volunteer
  • advocate for causes important to your company and employees
  • help out a fellow business owner by giving them a referral or giving advice
  • and lots of other things too 🙂

There will be times when it’s harder to stay the course and run your business ethically. That’s one reason knowing your company’s values is important. Clear guidelines and principles spelling out how you will run your business gives you something to fall back on to help you navigate tricky situations.

How are you making a difference with your business? What suggestions do you have to add to these lists?





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