The 5 love languages and your business

You might think that love languages and business communication are an odd combination.

I get it. But stay with me on this.

Wait, what are the 5 love languages anyhow?

Here you go: words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, receiving gifts and physical touch.

The love languages are based on the idea that people express and receive love and affection in different ways and that understanding this—for yourself and for your significant other—will help you have better relationships.

The concept was originally developed by Gary Chapman, Ph.D. and described in his book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts.

(There’s a quiz here you can use to find out your love language. I wasn’t surprised to see I got physical touch—I love my cuddles—with quality time a close second.)

Cool. But these aren’t appropriate for business now, c’mon.

We can adapt, folks. Copywriter (and pal) Anna Hetzel uses the five love languages to build authentic relationships in their business:

  • For words of affirmation, congratulate someone or send a message of appreciation with a personal card.
  • Enjoy some quality time by inviting someone to an event or webinar with you. (Yes, even on Zoom.)
  • Connecting a person to someone in your network who can help them is an act of service.
  • Giving client gifts are great, but also consider giving gifts to your business peers—for example, maybe to someone who gave you a fab idea for an essay!
  • The last one, physical touch, is a bit trickier in the business world, but Anna suggests thinking of it as building that human-to-human connection—try recording a short video reaction as a response to an email to show your face.

Keeping love languages in mind as you build business relationships can help the process feel more natural and make it easier to connect.

So here are some words of appreciation: Thank you, Anna, for inspiring this essay—and for inspiring me to think about ways I can connect with others that doesn’t feel really awful and icky. 🙂

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