My cat wanted me to write this essay

That’s a lie. Judging by my cat’s refusal to give me the use of my arms, he didn’t want me to write any essay and instead wanted me to keep cuddling and petting him all night.

Alas, Ship 30 for 30 is relentless, so here I am. Ignoring my cat–cats, actually, as I’m ignoring both of them. I hope you’re happy, Dickie and Cole?

No, I’m not a crazy cat lady. Not yet. I’m not *quite* old enough, I’m married, and I only live with two cats (along with other family members). But! There’s still time! Never give up hope!

(Also, I’ve considered renaming my business to something to do with cats. It’s still a possibility. Yes, I have the domain. And a .com, baby!)

Dipsy and Laa-Laa, two gray tabby brothers, bring an incredible amount of fun to our house. Watching their crazy play and facial expressions is an endless source of amusement. Dispy loves to climb on my shoulder for cuddles–something that worked a lot better when he was a kitten. Unfortunately, Laa-Laa expresses his love in the form of copious amounts of drool while kneading me.

I’d like to interrupt this essay with an important message: I DID NOT NAME THEM. I also did not name our two beloved feline friends, Po and Tinky Winky, who came before them. My husband gets the ‘credit’. And because Po and Tinky joined our family before any human offspring, he can’t even blame the kids for their names.

Google tells me that owning a cat is better for my carbon footprint than owning a dog. Who knew?

I know lots of people think cats are assholes. And honestly they are at times. But so are lots of humans, and I’d almost always rather cuddle an asshole cat than an asshole human, so there’s that. 😉

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