Make a bigger impact with your business, even if it's not super strategic

If you run an evil empire, no amount of charitable donations will make up for it.

But I’m assuming you’re no Darth Vader. You try to run your business responsibly, honestly and fairly. You don’t swindle your customers, cheat your suppliers or exploit your employees. You’re taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint.

You’re not perfect, of course, but you’re trying. And while you’re trying your best to run your business with care and integrity, you can also make an impact by donating to charities.

Look, we can argue that the evil empires should be donating the biggest sums, but I ain’t talking to them. (I took my toys and went home.)

There are so many causes in the world that need financial support. And there are so many ways your business can be a part of that.

Often, we think we need to be strategic about everything related to our business. And you can absolutely tie your charitable giving to marketing and, if done well, benefit both your business and the charity.

But it’s also OK for your business to donate to the charities you’re passionate about, even if the causes have no obvious connection to your business.

If you feel you must find a way to tie it all together neatly, look to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This works best if you’re already mapping your impact in other ways to the SDGs—hey, you want to be strategic, right? If there’s a cause you want to support, look to where it might fit in the SDGs. Now your support of that charity is a check mark in your support of another SDG. Boom.

Build a better business

Better for the environment, better for people and—yup—better for your pocket.

Every week, I put together a collection of practical and thought-provoking resources designed to help us grow our impact as small and solo business owners. 

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