I survived my first week of Ship 30 for 30

Today is day 8 for me in the Ship 30 for 30 writing challenge.

It’s been harder than I expected. Finding the time to commit to it is tricky. And getting over my own resistance to sharing my thoughts and publishing before the writing is ‘perfect’ isn’t getting any easier, to be honest.

But I’m at 8 for 8 and that’s an accomplishment. Go me!

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • I am wordy. I knew this, but trying to write 250-300 word essays really drives this point home.
  • I am not yet a morning person. Did you know it’s pitch dark at 6 am? It’s a silly time to be awake.
  • (Funny, I don’t object to being awake when it’s pitch dark out at night…)
  • Sharing in a challenge like this with other folks is definitely more enjoyable than doing it alone. Misery loves company and all…
  • (I jest.)
  • I do better when I pick my essay idea the day before. This gives my brain time to play with the idea while I’m doing other things.
  • Twitter continues to be very distracting.

My hope for this week is that I’ll start getting into a better routine where coming up with ideas, writing them quickly and then publishing them becomes somewhat normal for me, just a thing I happen to do now.

And maybe this whole writing every day deal will even start to feel (maybe possibly please oh please) a bit easier?

Baby steps. I’m heading in the right direction.



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