Here's how music helped me salvage my day—and my Ship 30 for 30 essay

I almost didn’t write an essay today.

Sure, I got up early—with my shiny new Ship 30 for 30 morning routine—but my brain refused to cooperate. It grumbled at me: ‘but what about x?’ and ‘you need to know more about y!’ and off I went, researching down rabbit holes until I couldn’t make any sense of my idea, let alone write about it concisely.

That was just the beginning of my day going off the rails. Next came arguments with all three of the family members I live with, all before 10 am.

I had to put writing my essay aside to work on writing for clients, but I couldn’t focus. I was tired, cranky and stressed.

In a last ditch effort, I plugged in my earbuds, turned on one of my favourite Spotify playlists, and… got to work!

I was writing. I was editing. I was living the dream. Hallelujah!

(Why hadn’t I tried this hours ago?!)

Why music is the solution to every problem

OK, it’s not. But by god it felt like it today.

My teenager insists that listening to music helps him focus. And there are studies supporting this idea—particularly that increased concentration is one benefit to listening to calm or classical music.

Research also indicates that music can improve your mood, boost your motivation, trigger good memories—is there anything a good beat can’t help us with?

A lot of this comes down to personal preference. I know that for some folks trying to focus while music blasts in their ears is a futile undertaking.

So find what works for you. And then do that—ideally before you’ve wasted half the day in frustration. Here’s hoping I remember to do the same the next time.

Do you find music helps you focus? Or do you have another go-to focus tip that helps you?

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