Can a night owl turn into a morning person?

I’m a night owl. Always have been, and it comes very natural to me.

But on the rare occasions that I’ve been awake early enough where you get to witness the rest of the world starting their day, I’ve appreciated the magical feeling that belongs to that time of day.

I remember, years ago, having to get up very early to catch a bus out of Kathmandu. This memory is decades old but it’s stayed with me.

Kathmandu is a busy, noisy city, with the day starting earlier than surely even the most devoted morning person would approve of. But on this morning, it was quiet, and as I left my guest house and walked along the mostly empty streets, I saw the city in a way I never had before.

I’m romanticizing early mornings, but I also know that being a night owl often doesn’t work in my favour. Having a family, for example, means I have to get up at a somewhat reasonable time. And I’m grumpy and unproductive without enough sleep.

So when i decided to do Ship 30 for 30, it seemed the perfect excuse to become a morning person. It needs to fit it into my life somehow and writing my essay before I start in on the rest of the day appeals to me.

Today was my first day of getting up early. Or rather, trying to. I got up 30 minutes later than I had planned—but that’s also 30 minutes earlier than I normally do. It’s a start.

I didn’t notice any magic this morning. I’m hopeful that will come.

If you’re a night-owl-turned-lark, do you have any tips to offer on what helped you with the transition? Was it worth it?

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