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Hey stranger,

It’s been a bit, I admit. (A rhyme! Should I edit it out? Nah.)

Not your fault, of course. I’m the one who’s been skipping  ̶c̶l̶a̶s̶s̶. newsletters.

(Which is especially bad since I may or may not give my clients a hard time when they don’t stick to their newsletter schedules *cough cough hi Allison*.)

There’s isn't just one specific reason for my absence. (BTW, totally OK if you’re all like, what absence?! I get that you’re not checking your inbox anxiously for an email from me. 😆)    

But here’s one of the reasons: I just didn’t know what to say. Not because there wasn’t anything to say, but because there was too much, and there’s always too much, but isn’t it always the same, and a year of doing this newsletter and what’s really gotten better in the world—NOTHING—and it’s just me writing each week complaining about all the shittiness of everything and really what’s the freakin’ point and I am just so done with it all.

And then I read this. It’s a long read, but it’s a good read—I truly recommend it. 

“Ultimately, there’s no way of judging whether we’re living through Collapse or Renewal. Future generations will decide that for us. The only thing that matters is the part we play. We can choose which strand of the rope we belong to. We can add to its grand weave, in the way we treat other people, in the daily work we do, in the decisions we make about where to put our energy, in the leaders we vote for and in the words that come out of our mouths.”

Because what I said above, about how nothing has gotten better in the world? It's not actually true. The article I linked to above tells the story of collapse and of renewal—and in the story of renewal, when you look at the world from a certain perspective, you can see a lot of good things have happened too.

My strand of rope includes this newsletter. When I said it's just me complaining each week? Also not true. That was overwhelm and despair stealing the show and dancing around in their underwear like they own the place. (Back to your corners, overwhelm and despair, and get some clothes on!)

(Good gawd I’m using a lot of parentheses this week. Should I edit them out? Nah.)

I’m not saying I get it perfect, but I do truly try to focus this newsletter on tools and possibilities and thoughtful action—without sugarcoating the complex issues we’re facing.

I remember one email from a reader, congratulating me on the newsletter: “I love its optimistic tone and solutions-focused outlook.” (Thank you, Kara!)

The process of creating ITG helps me to stay optimistic, see the solutions, and remember that it’s not all bad out there. I hope that reading it does the same for you.

So see you next week. And thanks for hanging in there with me—I really appreciate it.


P.S. What do you do when you’re feeling overwhelmed with, well, everything? I'd love to hear what works for you!
"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."

—Jane Goodall
A Few Good Links 👍
1. “We are unashamedly ambitious, and we are driven by our mission.” 

Sharing app OLIO, which connects folks giving away food and household items to nearby neighbours happy for the freebies, recently raised a $43m Series B round. Wowza!

Pretty impressive, and speaks to the growing recognition of the massive problem of food waste and insecurity. Also impressive: the community of five million users have shared 25 million portions of food, equivalent to taking 75 million car miles (120 million kilometres, for us sensible metric users) off the road. 

There’s more to this app than first meets the eye, as co-founder Tessa Clarke shares in this TechCrunch interview. Yup, it's a grassroots peer-to-peer sharing community. All very warm and fuzzy. But OLIO has also created a clever B2B revenue stream which brings in the bulk of their income and helps the food industry reach its carbon emissions goals.

I loved reading about Tessa’s unashamedly ambitious plans to grow the business to one billion OLIOers by 2030 and “build one of the most transformational companies of our generation.” 🥰 

2. Curious about B Corps? Then this free Q&A session all about the B Corp assessment and certification process is for you. ❓

3. Black leaders hold just 4% of board seats in the U.S. The stats are even worse for Black women: only 1%.

Enter Take Your Seat, a networking community of Black professionals and allies working to bring racial diversity to U.S. boardrooms. 

Companies and organizations, Take Your Seat is calling on you to add or earmark a seat for Black representation. Board members, think about giving up your seat to a Black leader. Black professionals, make sure to join their pool of candidates for board positions. 

Let's change those stats! 💪

4. Would a universal basic income change how you run your business—if you didn’t have to work in order to survive, or if your employees didn’t? 🤔

5. “There’s a danger that we’ll come to think of the climate crisis as a standard piece of our mental furniture and as not what it actually is: a time-bound emergency that must be tackled full on, right now."

Climate Week ended on Sunday, and its getting-it-done theme could be a reasonable response to the now-or-never message of the recent IPCC report—if it resulted in anything actually changing. 

Too cynical?

Thankfully, GreenBiz offers us some hope with this summary of eight promising initiatives from governments, investors and companies that could actually make a difference. 🙏

Meanwhile on Twitter 😎

Hi, I'm Charmaine—writer, editor and creator of In the Good.

I'm also a copywriter for socially conscious companies, which means I help fine folks like you make more money AND a bigger impact. 
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