Plus genocide in Canada, a gender decoder, sustainability measurement and more
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Let's get straight to the links today—I'm running out of Tuesday! 😉 

"Reconciliation includes anyone with an open mind and an open heart who is willing to look into the future with a new way."

—Chief Dr. Robert Joseph
A Few Good Links 👍
1. “It can no longer be disputed that the residential school system was genocide, and the question now is: What are you going to do about it? Because outrage, thoughts and prayers, retweets and likes, are not enough.”

Over the past few weeks, the unmarked graves of hundreds of Indigenous children have been found at former residential schools in Canada.

I don’t have anything insightful or clever to say. I’m continuing to read and learn, and to figure out what the hell I can do beyond retweets and likes. Here are some resources I’m using and bookmarking that I hope you will also find helpful:
2. Use this free gender decoder when writing job ads to help you identify linguistic gender-coding and weed out bias. ♀️⚧️♂️

3. "Measurement and reporting have become ends to themselves, instead of a means to improve environmental or social outcomes. It’s as if a person committed to a diet and fanatically started counting calories but continued to eat the same number of Twinkies and cheeseburgers."

The idea that sustainability measuring and reporting would naturally lead to a better and more just form of capitalism hasn’t panned out, argues Ken Pucker in his articles at GreenBiz and HBR

They’re both good articles (pick the HBR one if you want an in-depth read) that come to the same conclusion: we need structural change and public policy in order to truly tackle today’s social and environmental challenges. 🌏

4. Kill the 5-day workweek. 👔

5. “The first brands to do good are often thought to really care about the causes they support, while later entrants seem more calculating and disingenuous.”

New research suggests that there’s a first-mover advantage to be had in the do-good side of marketing. The gist of it? Don’t be a social good copycat. 🐱

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