Plus ethics and creative work, a free DEI webinar for startups, and a remote work carbon calculator
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Happy Tuesday,

Two quick things to start:
  • I loved this article about managing your energy more effectively where I immediately recognized myself as someone in the “fluctuating drive” category. (Moderation is definitely not something I'm known for.)
  • In possibly related news, I've decided to move ITG to a summer schedule with emails coming your way every second week instead of every week. My kids approve. 
See you in two weeks! 👋

“Be kinder to yourself. And then let your kindness flood the world.”

—Pema Chodron
A Few Good Links 👍
1. “I believe my ethics are my own—they’re both my right and my responsibility— and no one else’s. If you run a creative freelance business, you’ll likely be confronted with these grey-area decisions on a consistent basis.”

I really appreciated designer and artist Lauren Hom’s honesty in this blog post. She walks us through how she made the decision to work with Erin Condren the brand, despite ethical misgivings about Erin Condren the person. If you work with clients, this is a good and thoughtful read. ✨

2. 12% of VCs say their firm is willing to reduce its investment in a portfolio company if it's insufficiently diverse.

That’s just one reason why the startup community should care about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Learn how you can create DEI initiatives that will positively impact your bottom line in this free webinar on Thursday, June 3rd. 💻

3. "What happens when a New York nightclub promoter and a tee-total Buddhist decide to join forces to make the world a better place?”

I won’t leave you in suspense: the NY promoter and Buddhist create Deed, a social impact platform that helps companies and people do good. 😇

4. Everyone is awesome. 🏳️‍🌈

5. How does remote work affect the carbon emissions of a business? How about a hybrid approach, with some employees sticking to remote work while others return to the office?

While at first it might seem like remote work would win the climate emissions contest, it’s not always quite that straightforward. (I mean, really, is anything in life? *sigh*)

Never fear: here’s a handy calculator to help you make a climate-friendly choice for your business. 🧮

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Hi, I'm Charmaine—writer, editor and creator of In the Good.

I'm also a copywriter for socially conscious companies, which means I help fine folks like you make more money AND a bigger impact. 
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