Plus sustainability certifications, a racial equity tracker, finding your purpose and more
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So I took a hooky day last Tuesday—from client work and from ITG.

I want to say that I’m back refreshed and ready for anything, but honestly? I’m tired. I’m restless. I’m even eyeing job advertisements, which is really not like me. 

I guess one hooky day is not a cure. Problem is, I’m not sure what the ailment even is. I enjoy doing ITG and I enjoy (most of) my writing work with clients. So why the urge to blow it all up?

Yikes. I didn’t mean to turn this intro into a self-confessional. Let’s jump to the links before I confess something I really shouldn’t! 😉

"To have meaningful work is a tremendous happiness."

—Rita Mae Brown
A Few Good Links 👍
1. Pair your impact storytelling with eco-themed visuals that support your message. In this article, Getty Images and iStock share tips for doing just that, such as bringing the big issue back to the human story and humanizing sustainable technology and innovation.

They’ve also put together guidelines offering best practices for choosing stills, video and illustrations that match your sustainability story. 🖼️

2. “Certifications are becoming the language of sustainability.”

The CEOs of 1% for the Planet, B Lab U.S. & Canada and Climate Neutral share their thoughts on why companies should consider climate certifications and how they can help launch your company’s climate action.

If you care about the climate and want to take real action that comes with the benefits of third-party certification, this is a quick read with lots of interesting insights. 💡

3. Just Capital is helping keep America’s biggest companies accountable on racial equity with a new Corporate Racial Equity Tracker.

So far, the analysis shows that most companies being tracked have taken the easy first steps but that most aren’t making much progress when it comes to the harder, more meaningful action.

Big biz, we’re watching you. 👀

4. Who wants to be a climate tech billionaire?  🤑

5. “What made me feel alive, fired up, filled with purpose wasn’t what I was doing. It was what I was doing it for.”

Chris Gaither created what he thought was his dream business, only to discover that something was missing. Though he liked his work and his clients, it just wasn’t enough. 

He took some time for self-reflection and discovered that the clients that he loved working with the most were all leaders in environmental sustainability or social impact. He was able to take that insight and change his business so that he's more aligned with his purpose every day.

To figure out your purpose, he recommends looking at your personal history for clues and considering: “What first attracted you to this work? What parts of it still excite you today? What makes you smile? What puts you into a state of flow? What unique gifts do you bring to your work? What deeply held values are you honouring by doing it? What keeps you from quitting when things get hard?”

Hmmm. These are great questions that I’m thinking I should be answering for myself! 🤦‍♀️

Meanwhile on Twitter 😎

Hi, I'm Charmaine—writer, editor and creator of In the Good.

I'm also a copywriter for socially conscious companies, which means I help fine folks like you make more money AND a bigger impact. 
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