Build a better business

Better for the environment, better for people and—yup—better for your pocket.

The world is in crisis. We need entrepreneurs, founders and freelancers who care about more than the bottom line.

Every week, I put together a collection of practical and thought-provoking resources designed to help us grow our impact as small business owners. 

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So who am I, anyhow?

My name is Charmaine. I’m a copywriter for sustainable and socially conscious companies.

I’m trying to figure out how little ol’ freelancer me can run my business in a way that’s in sync with my values and makes a positive impact in the world.

Small businesses make up a big chunk of the economy. We matter. And how we run our businesses matters.

So as I’m trying to figure this out for myself, I’m sharing what I’m learning with others. Because even though we’re small, together we can be mighty.

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